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Meet the group

      Our research group is as multidisciplinary as it is diverse.  Our members have backgrounds in materials science, chemical and electrical engineering, neurobiology, and machine learning. They come from all continents, and we strongly value the different cultures, skills, and experiences that they bring. The collaborative nature of our research topics requires synergistic development across skills, cultures, disciplines, and departments. This can be achieved only with a collegiate culture, where postdoctoral  scholars, graduate students, and undergraduates work together as a team.  

      To succeed in the group it is not necessary to learn all aspects of our work across all disciplines. The engineer will not necessarily be working with animals in neurobiology experiments, as well as for the neurobiologists the knowledge of nanotechnology and engineering is not required. Deep knowledge, insight, and dedication in the chosen research project is a key. However, from our experience, great ideas often come from interactions and discussions spanning across boundaries. Therefore, we strive to establish an open culture with joint group meetings where difference in opinions matters and is welcomed. 

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