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Graduate students

Ari Esters (ECE)

B.S., Stanford (Chemical Engineering), 2015

MS, UIUC (Electrical Engineering), 2018

Simulation, fabrication, and testing of silicon nanofluidic channels for chemical transport

Current job: Micron Technology, Inc. , Boise, ID  [LinkedIn]

Oscar Bi (ECE)

B.S., UIUC (Electrical Engineering), 2016

MS, UIUC (Electrcial Engineering), 2018

Silicon process development for surface nanofluidic channels and implantable silicon nanofludic neuroprobes.

Current job: Micron Technology, Inc. , Boise, ID    [LinkedIn]

Summer interns

Xingyu Chen (BioE)

M.S., UIUC (BioEng), 2018

B.S., Shanghai Jiao Tong (BioMedical) 2017

Signal analysis software to integrate with hardware system for texture presentation in mice behavioral experiments


Yuan Zhu (BioE)

M.S., UIUC (BioEng) 2018

B.S., Shanghai Jiao Tong (BioMedical) 2017

Virtual tactile reality for rodents

Previous group members at IBM Watson Research Center

Postdoctoral scientists

  • Eric Dulkeith (TU Munich) “Optical nonlinearities in silicon photonic crystal waveguides” 2003-2005

                       Currently Sr. Executive at Detecon

  • Fengnian Xia (Princeton) “Slow light in coupled resonators” 2005-2007

                       Currently Assoc. Professor at Yale

  • William Green (Caltech) “Silicon modulator” 2006-2007

                       Currently Senior Manager at IBM Research

  • Joris Van Campenhout (Ghent) “Broadband optical switches” 2007-2009

                       Currently Director at IMEC

  • Jin Hong Park (Stanford) “Dark current reduction in germanium MSM photodetectors” 2009-2010

                       Currently Ass. Professor at Sungkyunkwan University

  • Jessie Rosenberg (Caltech) “Microring silicon modulators” 2010-2011

                       Currently Manager at IBM Research

  • Jon Proesel (CMU) “CMOS analog circuits design for nanophotonics” 2010-2012

                       Currently Research Staff Member at IBM Research

  • Huapu Pan (Virginia Tech) “Photodetectros and integrated nanophotonics receivers” 2010-2012

                       Currently Quant at Citadel LLC

  • Seyoung Kim (UT Austin) “Neuromorphic RRAM devices” 2014-2015

                       Currently Research Staff Member at IBM Research

Summer graduate interns

  • Jonathan Leu (MIT) “Approaches for automated CAD design of optical circuits” 2008 

                        Currently graduate student at MIT

  • Xiaoping Liu (Columbia Un.) “Nonlinear silicon nanophotonics” 2009

                        Currently Professor at Nanjing University

  • Christopher Kang (Vanderbilt Un.) “Photonics crystal cavities for chemical sensing” 2010

                        Currently Engineer at Intel

  • Bart Kuyken (Ghent Un.) “Mid-infrared nonlinear optics in silicon waveguides” 2011

                        Currently Ass. Professor at Ghent University

  • Wesley Sacher (Un.Toronto) “Polarization management in silicon nanophotonics” 2011

                        Currently postdoctoral scientist at Caltech

  • Mackenzie Van Camp (MIT) “Mid-infrared nonlinear optics in nanophotonics” 2011

                        Currently Principal Scientist at BAE Systems

  • Anietie Andy (Howard) “Convolutional neural networks” 2015

                        Currently postdoctoral fellow at UPenn

  • Sebastian Oberg (KTH) “Stream dimensionality reduction for neural networks” 2015

                        Currently PhD student at KTH

  • Stefano Recanatesi (Weizmann) “Advanced neural networks algorithms” 2015

                        Currently PhD student at Weizmann

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