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Current members

Group members

Potdoctoral Scientists

Dr. Ryan Loh

PhD. UIUC (Psychology & Neuroscience), 2017

Thesis: "The role of the kappa-opioid receptor system in forebrain dependent associative learning"

In-vivo electrophysiology examining neural circuits underlying complex behavior

[resume]   [LinkedIn]


Dr. Sungho Kim

PhD. CMU (Electricial Engineering), 2019

Thesis: "Electrical gating of charged molecular flow through nanoporous membranes"


Graduate students

Yan Zhang (ECE)

M.S., Tsinghua (Instrument Science and Technology), 2017

On-demand droplet generation for on-chip high temporal resolution chemical sensing


Yifei Yan (ECE)

B.S.. Tsinghua (Materials Science and Engineering), 2017

Design and fabrication of ultra-thin nanoporous membrane used for dialysis.


Christopher Kenji Brenden (BioE)

B.S., New Mexico (Chemical Engineering), 2018

Nanodialysis-integrated implantable neural probes



Prasoon Jha (ECE)

B.S., Toronto (Electrical Engineering), 2018

Implantable optogenetics neural probes


Colin Graber (CS) (shared with Prof. Schwing)

B.S., Purdue (Computer Engineering), 2015

Structured graphical models



Hrishikesh Thyagarajan Iyer (ECE)

B.S., Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (Electrical Engineering), 2019


Weihua Shi (ECE)

B.S., Peking University (Electrical Engineering), 2019

Post baccalaureate researcher


Kun Hu (ECE)

B.S., Lanzhou University (Biology), 2019

Undergraduate students


Kathleen Ferreira (MechSE)

Processing development for integrated neuroprobes



Alyssa Licudine (BioE)

Electrostatic droplet counter


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