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Neuro Engineering

Research goal

      Our goal is to develop advanced silicon neural probes that can be implanted into the brain to collect information on electrical and chemical neural activity, as well as to manipulate it with optical stimulation. The approach involves development of novel methods of nanofabrication, nanofluidics, and nanophotonics.


      One of the major projects is the development of a nanodialysis chemical neural probe. Cell-to-cell signaling via neurochemicals is the fundamental basis for communication in the brain. The detection of neurochemical spatial and temporal concentration transients in the brain is an essential and unmet capability for understanding the functionality of neural circuits and for the development of novel drugs for treatment of various disorders. The goal of this project is to break the fundamental limits of chemical detection to achieve unprecedented chemical, temporal and spatial resolution with minimal tissue damage. 

Recent publications

  Picoliter droplet generation for fast monitoring of brain chemistry with scaled silicon nanodyalisis probe",   Yan Zhang, Ari Esters, Oscar Bi, and Yurii Vlasov m Transducers 2019 - EUROSENSORS XXXIII, 23-27 June 2019 - Berlin, Germany 




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