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March 1, 2024      Manuscript  on integrated meta beam shapers submitted for publication

Today, thanks to the hard work of Hrishikesh Iyer, we submitted a manuscript reporting a waveguide-integrated ultra-high NA metasurface beam shaper to focus light into a spot with a focal volume smaller than 0.1um3 at a distance of 10um above the chip surface. All for 460nm wavelength in view of potential use in quantum computing , microscopy, and optogenetics

February 21, 2024      Paper on Si nanodialysis probe has been published in ACS Nano

The nanodialysis neural probe is silicon-based and takes advantage of microfabrication techniques developed for microelectronics manufacturing. The small device size enables it to collect chemical content with close to 100% efficiency from highly localized regions of tissue in a fraction of a second. The capabilities of this new nanodialysis device are reported in the journal ACS Nano.

October 28, 2019      First Annual Review of the NIH Neuroprobe project

Instead of having a closed door discussion, we decided to make our annual review open to general public. The 10-min talks given by students and postdocs will be covering our current achievements and problems we encountered during the first year of funded efforts. Besides advocating on exciting opportunities for engineering in brain research, this format will be a great exercise for students in public presentation.


October 23, 2019      Posters presented at the Society for Neuroscience meeting


First results of our collaboration with amazing @alexschwing and @ColinGraber has been presented at  the #Barrels 2019 workshop and at the #SfN2019. The papers describe #ML-based interpretable model to uncover hidden dynamical structure of brain information flows.


June 25, 2019      First paper from the group has been presented by Yan Zhang at Transducers 2019 in Berlin

Yan Zhang gave oral presentation at the Transducers/Eurosensors conference in Berlin. This is the first paper coming from our group. 


May 25, 2019       Dr.Sungho Kim has joined the group as postdoctoral scientist

Dr. Sungho Kim joined the group as postdoctoral scientist. He had done his PhD at Carnegie Mellon ECE on nanofluidics and nanoporous membranes with emphasis on the electrical gating of charged molecular flow through the nanochannels. 

Dec. 15, 2018      Ari and Oscar are leaving for a new life at Micron

Ari Esters and Oscar Bi, after numerous on-site interviews, decided to accept offers at Micron Technologies, in Boise , ID. They will work on new generations of CMOS memories.

Nov. 26, 2018     We got the first NIH R01 grant approved

Our grant application to the NIH BRAIN Initiative has been approved. The goal is to develop implantable neural probe to monitor brain chemistry with unprecedented spatial and temporal resolution. News blurb on the BioE website.


Sept. 15, 2018      Meet Prasoon and Chris - new group members

Welcome Prasoon Jha and Chris Brenden who just joined the group. Prasoon came from University of Toronto to UIUC ECE department. Chris is from University of New Mexico joining the Department of BioEngineering. 

Mar. 20 2018      Congratulations to Yan Zhang on receiving a Shun Lien Chuang Memorial Award 

This award for excellence in graduate education was set up in honor of Shun Lien Chuang and is presented to a graduate student in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering who has demonstrated excellence and high scholastic achievement. 

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